• Action d10
  • Investigation d8
  • Drama d6


  • Haughty Elf-Lord d8 or d4+◉
  • Uncontrolled Telepath d8 or d4+◉
  • Inhuman Grace and Beauty d8 or d4+◉


  • Compassion d6

I care, but I'm not about to say so.

  • Integrity d6

Never be satisfied with less than your best.

  • Building d8

Sons of Lucifer don't have Callings.

  • Survival d8

Everything's easy with Sersi d6.

Infuriating World
Take any die from the doom pool and turn it into an Angry complication.

Sons of Lucifer

Defensive Commander
When leading the defense of fixed fortifications, step up the asset or distinction provided by the fortifications.
Spend a plot point to cause a human to forget any interaction with you.
Easy to Read
When you are the target of a notice action to determine your emotions, step up your opponent's result die and gain a plot point.
Lucifer's Rootkit
Earn a plot point when Lucifer's commands dictate your actions.
Neurolinguistic Programming
Voice only works on humans, and does not work if the human's Survival drive could be used in the scene.
Undefended Mind
Step up a complication inflicted through interaction or mental abilities and gain a plot point.


  • Architect
  • Weapon Master

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