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Version: /M&M /Cortex 1984



  • Action d6
  • Investigation d8
  • Drama d10


  • Chess Master d8 or d4+doom
  • Knows What Hurts You d8 or d4+doom
  • Sociopath d8 or d4+doom


  • Power d10

I am in charge.

  • Vanity d6

It’s not enough to be wealthy and powerful; you have to show it.

  • Insecurity d4

I can’t show any weakness. Ever.

  • Survival d8

I will destroy Tony Stark =.

Can’t Handle Loss
When you lose a contest, add or step up an Insecurity or Rage complication and add the same die as the effect die to the doom pool.


  • Billionaire CEO d10
  • Manipulative Mastermind d8
Good Intel
Use a doom die to create an informational asset about your opponent. Step up the die.
Exploit Weakness
When adding an opponent’s mental or emotional complication to your pool, step up or double the die.


  • Anti-Gravity Steed d6
  • Energy Lance & Mace d6
  • Armored Strength d6
Shutdown an ability when your gear is taken away; add or step up a doom die. Activate an opportunity to recover.


  • Electro-gravitic Crosier d6
  • Techo-priest Vestments d8
Microwave Mitre
Use Techno-priest Vestments in a test to inflict a Clumsy complication on your target.
Use Techno-priest Vestmensts to influence others’ thoughts.
Shutdown an ability when your gear is taken away; add or step up a doom die. Activate an opportunity to recover.


Obadiah Stane’s father was a compulsive gambler who shot himself in the head playing Russian Roulette while the young Stane watched. Obadiah determined to be in control of all things, the absolute best, and leave nothing to chance. His father had beaten Obadiah whenever he showed “weakness,” but Obadiah concluded his father was himself weak, and that weakness killed him.

Growing up to be a ruthless businessman, Stane made a fortune by taking advantage of any weakness and crushing the victim utterly. He came to love chess because of the lack of randomness in the game, but would use any means to win; while a child, once killed an opponent’s dog so he would be distracted during the match.


Stane is a textbook sociopath, superficially charming while actually being self-centered, ruthless, and calculating. He likes to couch his actions in terms of the Big Picture, of doing what is needed to keep America safe by keeping it strong, but in truth he cares only about himself.

He has a taste for the finer things in life, from expensive suits to gourmet pizzas, and sometimes relaxes or takes the edge off of a stressful moment with a good cigar. He also enjoys humiliating his opponents and seeing them suffer.


Powers & Abilities

Stane uses his Exploit Weakness ability to destroy his opponent’s ability to resist, then Deception to create false Incentives before going for the kill with his Performance skill.


Stane has his own high-tech costumed operatives, the Chessmen. The two Knights (Fletcher Higgs and Raleigh Halward) are his primary muscle. The Bishops (Alban Edmond and Orrick Rallison) are more subtle assassins. The Rooks (Barnabus Kinloch and Sebastian Towers) are engineers, particularly skilled at death traps. The Queen, Indries Moomji, is a skilled grifter with surgically and biochemically enhanced powers of seduction.

Iron Monger

After taking control of Stark International, Stane built a prototype derivative of the Iron Man armor, the Iron Monger. This is the only time he hits his PL caps. The Iron Monger is piloted, not worn.

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