Major Character


  • Action d4
  • Investigation d6
  • Drama d8


  • Lord of Flame and Nightmares d8 or d4+doom
  • Sadistic manipulator d8 or d4+doom


  • Power d6

Everyone else is just there for me to play with.

  • Cruelty d6

It’s fun to watch them beg for their lives.

  • Survival d6

Gavin d4 insists on meddling.

Ability Group

  • Eternal d6
  • Pyrokenisis d6
  • Voice d8
Disturbing Tales
Add a d6 and step up your effect die when inflicting a Terror complication on a target.
Sweep everyone with a fire attack.


  • Silver-Tongued Devil d6
  • Secret Police d8

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