Categories:People, Eternals
Versions:/M&M, /Cortex 1984

Major Character


  • Action d4
  • Investigation d6
  • Drama d8


  • Lord of Flame and Nightmares d8 or d4+doom
  • Sadistic manipulator d8 or d4+doom


  • Power d6

Everyone else is just there for me to play with.

  • Cruelty d6

It’s fun to watch them beg for their lives.

  • Survival d6

Gavin d4 insists on meddling.

Ability Group

  • Eternal d6
  • Pyrokenisis d6
  • Voice d8
Disturbing Tales
Add a d6 and step up your effect die when inflicting a Terror complication on a target.
Sweep everyone with a fire attack.


  • Silver-Tongued Devil d6
  • Secret Police d8



Druig, first cousin of Gavin and son of Valkin, was born in Polaria, Siberia, before the Third Host of Celestials came to Earth. He never liked humans; he has always felt that the Eternals should use their powers to satisfy their own desires, and humans and Deviants are mere animals for them to use as they please.


Druig currently runs the secret police for a middle eastern dictatorship, a position he rose to after the mysterious suicides of all his superiors. So far, the supreme leader has not felt the need to hang himself.

Powers & Abilities

Druig has all the standard Eternal powers of near-indestructibility, strength, flight, and cosmic energy control. He is particularly skilled at psychic manipulation; his signature move is recounting some horrific experience a subject has gone through, sending them into catatonic withdrawal as they relive it. He also likes forcing people to commit atrocities. In addition, he is second only to Sersi at matter manipulation. Druig avoids personal combat where practical, working through agents, but is no coward.

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