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Universe:Marvel OC

Power Level 10


Initiative +2

Cause Injury (Perception Damage 7 vs. Fort), Cosmic Blast +8 (Ranged Damage 9), Cosmic Burst (Ranged Area Damage 6), Eye Beams +12 (Ranged Damage 8), Unarmed +11 (Damage 9)

Parry 11, Dodge 9, Fort 9, Will 9, Toughness 9


Athletics 0 (+9), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+11), Deception 6 (+8) [Redirect, Taunt], Expertise: Civics 6 (+9), Expertise: Cosmic Lore 7 (+10), Expertise: History 5 (+8), Insight 0 (+9), Interview 8 (+10), Intimidation 0 (+2), Investigation: 6 (+9/+14) [Focus], Perception 0 (+9), Performance 0 (+2), Persuasion 6 (+8), Stealth 0 (+2), Technology 2 (+5), Treatment 6 (+9).


Beginner’s Luck, Benefit 2 (Independently Wealthy), Focus (Clue Analysis), Improved Defense, Interpose, Languages 2 (English, German, Greek, Latin, Russian), Leadership, Redirect, Takedown (Close), Taunt, Uncanny Dodge


Cosmic Blasts:

Ranged Force Damage 9 (Diminished Range 2 45’/90’/225’) • 16 points

Cosmic Burst:
Ranged Burst Area Damage 6 (Diminished Range 2 30’/60’/150’) • 1 point
AE Eye Beams:
Ranged Heat Damage 8 (Accurate +4; Diminished Range 2 40’/80’/200’) • 1 point
Features 3 (Diehard, Legendary*, Uni-Mind†), Immortality 5 (1 day), Immunity 12 (Aging, Lasting injury, Life Support) • 25 points
Gravity Control:
Flight 8 (500 mph) • 16 points
Matter Manipulation:

Perception Continuous Transform 4 (800 lbs., Solids into other solids, Precise) • 29 points

AE Healing:
Perception Restorative Healing 7 (Distracting, Stabilize) • 1 point
AE Cause Injury:
Perception Damage 7 (vs. Fortitude) • 1 point
AE Telekinesis:
Perception Move Object 9 (12 tons; Precise) • 1 point
AE Thane’s Plague:
Perception Contagious Progressive Affliction 5 (Fort; Impaired, Disabled, Dying; DC 10 Treatment Check required) • 1 point
Psychic Shields:
Enhanced Defense 4 (Will), Impervious Will 2, Limited to Mental Powers, Sustained • 4 points
Comprehend Languages 3 (Speak, Read, Understand, Communication-Dependent), Mental Communication 2 (Short range, Rapid 2), Senses 6 (Acute Ranged Radius Detect Minds & Emotions) • 13 points

Cumulative Perception Affliction 4 (Will; Entranced, Stunned, Controlled; Communication-Dependent, Limited as Entranced, Subtle) • 9 points

AE Mind Scan:
Mind Reading 4 • 1 point

* Eternals in their own person are hard for humans to remember. Apply a −5 circumstance modifier to remember that an Eternal, or the Eternals, exist, unless you are currently interacting with them, the Deviants, or the Celestials.

† Eternals can contribute to forming a Uni-Mind

Power Points

Abilities + Powers + Advantages + Skills + Defenses = Total points


Motivation – Responsibility:
Thane feels obligated to atone for the sins of his father.
Enemy – Thanos:
Thane actually hasn’t seen his father since childhood, but would feel obligated to oppose him in any way he could.
Thane disdains modernity, but can deal with it when required.
With Bellek and Hakim, his foster parents, and his son Lucian.


Thane and Lucian were the twin sons of Thanos by an Earth woman. During Thanos’ attack on Titan 50,000 years ago, the children came into the care of Bellek and Hakim, the last surviving Sons of Lucifer, and were raised by them. After the war was over, Hakim brought them back to Earth, where Zuras offered them the choice of being Eternal or human. Lucian chose to live as a mortal, while Thane embraced his Eternal heritage.

Thane has become a highly respected member of Eternal society, for his wisdom, his self-restraint, and his devotion to caring for all life. He has split his time between Earth and Titan, going to Titan when he has lived too long as a human to pass.

Thane is currently a forensic pathologist in the New York City medical examiner’s office. He lives with his 70-year-old human son, named for his brother, above the antique store Lucian operates.

Powers & Abilities

Thane has the abilities typical of Eternals. He is particularly skilled at working with living organisms; he can heal the sick or injured my restructuring their molecules into a healthy form. He is also able to cause injury in the same way, and, though loathe to use his powers to harm, he once unleashed a plague on a Deviant army that they remember still.

In addition to his powers, Thane is highly perceptive and possesses a keen deductive mind. His scholarship isn’t confined to medicine; he’s expert in history, sociology, and cosmic events.

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