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They have had many names before and since, but the Sons of Lucifer are remembered as slaughter-crowned Bellek, the Flame at Midnight; Hakim, mighty even among Eternals, strong of arm and voice; fair Ildirim, quick to anger and to forgiveness, master of man and beast; fey Rhydian, of perilous wrath and towering pride; Shahar, most alike her father in brilliance and in madness; and Idrak and Ruath, twin hunters as opposed in heart as matched in body. Often numbered with them was Orian the Scholar, Orian the Apostate, Mentor's eldest son and Lucifer's apprentice.


The Badly-Formatted List of Events

  • Lucifer takes some of his earliest training with Narya's father. Lucifer and Narya meet and are quickly attracted to one another. After a whirlwind courtship, they marry.
  • Lucifer creates the Infinity Gems.
  • Lucifer and Narya have several sons: Bellek, Hakim, Ildirim, and Rhydian. The toddler Rhydian gets hold of the Mind Gem. He might have been ideal for it if he had had the chance to mature, but the Gem's overwhelming power blows the baby's mind wide open, and thereafter, Rhydian is a powerful receptive empath and telepath, but has little control over the ability.
  • Lucifer comes up with hacking Eternals. He hacks his wife and his extant children, then builds the hack into future offspring.
  • Lucifer and Mentor quarrel a lot. In an effort to bring the families together, Sargon sends the child Orian, Mentor's firstborn son, to be raised by Lucifer. Lucifer gets a project, nurturing and training Orian's Cosmic Awareness. Naturally, Lucifer promptly hacks him. Incredibly, Lucifer and Mentor do not get along any better because Sargon has awarded Mentor's son to Lucifer.
  • Lucifer's daughter, Shahar, is born pre-hacked, as are, a few years later, the twins Idrak and Ruath.
  • Narya escapes and divorces Lucifer.
  • The family feud is interrupted by the Stranger's killing of Sargon and theft of Lucifer's masterwork, the Infinity Gems.
  • The Uni-Mind is formed to decide what to do about it. The Uni-Mind elects Zuras, who chooses a very cautious approach to the problem. Lucifer and Mentor both reject this decision, and Zuras' kingship. They and their followers are exiled for the sin/terrifying feat of rejecting the Uni-Mind.
  • Lucifer doesn't fancy walking, and goes to get the Eternals' one spaceship, a vessel captured from the Skrulls. A fight breaks out in which he orders the deaths of anyone trying to prevent their taking the ship. Orian, hurrying to catch up with Bellek, comes in in the middle, and does what all the cool kids are doing -- permakilling Eternals. Neutralizing Eternals' powers neutralizes all of them, and trivial attacks become fatal and resurrections do not happen.
  • Mentor catches up and reads Lucifer's party (and Orian) the What The Hell, Hero? lecture.
  • Lucifer decides traveling with Mentor would be terribly tedious and, anyway, the ship won't hold more than ten or so people. He and his sons steal the ship. Orian was supposed to have been aboard, but was accidentally left behind [might be good to know how]. Lucifer decides forward momentum (and not facing his brother having taken off without him) is more important and declines to go back for him, no matter how much Bellek sulks about it.
  • Meanwhile, Mentor and his family and followers set out under their own power, as Zuras will not suffer them to stay. Orian is helpful and determined, but visibly struggling with being left behind by his god. He's also something of a scapegoat for the Eternals horrified by the killing and angry about being left behind (though as soon as they have the Sons of Lucifer to hate again, Orian is the one who suffered with them). Tensions rise during the journey [ -- especially when some hardships we might come up with come up]
  • Mentor's group arrives at the asteroid belt and makes a temporary settlement for the purpose of building more ships. They don't have to be good -- just enough to get them to Titan, where they can get aid from the Uranian group.
  • Lucifer and sons arrive at the boundary of the solar system, and learn that they were booby-trapped by the Celestials to die if they tried to leave. They learn this by dying, and the shop goes on while Lucifer scrapes himself into transcendence. Outside the solar system, his sons' self-resurrection fails, and Lucifer patches his children. He is able to restore them to life, but introduces the flaw that prevents their further self-resurrection later. Lucifer sends his sons back inward and blows up the ship. This is a long, unpowered trip.
  • Lucifer's sons rain down onto Titan in streaks of flame. Except Bellek, who was nabbed en route by the Stranger. Lucifer catches up to the Stranger, and they gradually come to an understanding. Stranger at first perceives Bellek as an enemy not to be regarded in a moral light, but the Stranger in dealing with him gradually learns to see him as a person. Not a particularly good one, but a person. The Stranger actively sets about instructing Bellek in compassion, which is even moderately effective, though in appearance cruel. Orian is aware of Bellek's fate, but Mentor does not yield to Orian's insistence that he be allowed to attempt to rescue Bellek. (Mentor probably does not think Orian could succeed; they're all there to find and fight the Stranger.)
  • Mentor's group arrives on Titan, and finds the settlement in ruins, a lone survivor there. Naturally, he marries her.
  • Mentor and his resources are finally sufficiently distracted that Orian gets away, and goes to save Bellek. He steals a ship from Shahar (after all, they owe him a ship) and takes off for the Stranger's base. Knowing he'll be returning by teleporter, he rigs the ship to explode once he's off it and sneaks into the base. The Stranger interrupts the rescue, and Orian stands him off, but has to free Bellek as swiftly as possible. The shackle won't yield to his power (or it would have yielded to Bellek's), and instead, he cuts off Bellek's hand and flees with him via the Stranger's teleporter, which is destroyed by the Stranger's attack as they depart (which Orian saw coming and planned around, so that they could not be followed easily or tracked).
  • Orian is a hero to his cousins, though they resent that Orian dared what they did not, and had the gall to succeed; and even Mentor grudgingly admits Orian did something right. Most importantly to Orian, he's a hero to Bellek, even though Bellek lost his right hand to him.
  • Bellek recovers relatively swiftly from his imprisonment. Mentor's people and the sons of Lucifer now work together to make Titan livable, thanks to the unifying factor of Orian's rescue of Bellek, and Bellek's willingness to yield authority to his uncle.
  • Life on Titan happens, Titans are produced, and Mentor somewhere in there gets saddled with his sadly non-standard son, Thanos. Thanos pretty quickly figures out that Orian will tell him the truth, even about unpleasant or adult topics, and as a bonus, Orian seems completely immune to the 'creepy' vibe others get from Thanos. Orian inadvertently 'confirms' what Thanos suspects -- that murder is one of the most fun things one can do, but one should avoid getting caught and made to feel guilty. Orian sees some dire portents of Thanos, but is not willing to bring those futures about by warning people and alienating him when he hadn't even done anything wrong yet, and tries to guide Thanos better. This is, sadly, not as successful as one might hope.
  • Thanos leaves Titan and falls in with bad company.
  • Thanos returns to Titan, kills his mother, leaves? I don't know what happens with Thanos, but somewhere in here or in a somewhat later episode, he kills Orian, [who should have been bugged before now], whose soul Lucifer saves and remands to Mentor for more training. Mentor hands it off to Shao Lom, where it has little better to do than be lectured on morality and develop its cosmic awareness further.
  • Mentor eventually comes to distrust the Sons of Lucifer more than he needs them, and has them put in the custody of the Monks of Shao Lom, to cure them of Murderism and Luciferism. Bellek complies because Orian's spirit is there, and makes his brothers go along.
  • Eventually, Thanos decides to destroy the Titan colony from within by arranging that an Eternity Gem -- the Power Gem -- come into the possession of [someone who won't just hand it over to a son of Lucifer]. The sons of Lucifer hear of it and break out to go claim their father's masterwork.
  • The sons of Lucifer murder lots of Titans trying to get the Gem, and the Titans fight back. Ildirim, Rhydian, and Shahar are slain in an attack on a large Titan community holding the Gem, but the remaining Sons destroy the place and kill most of the people. Only a few escape, but they do so with the Gem. Bellek, however, can feel the thing calling him, and leads the remainder of his brothers to take it. Idrak and Ruath are slain, but slay many others (as do Bellek and Hakim), and the Gem eludes them yet again. Bellek is nearly non-functional between grief and the pull of the Gem on his mind, and Mentor manages to secure the Gem with diplomacy. Hakim wants to plead their case to Mentor, but Bellek has come to despair of ever being given anything but death by any good person (or any evil one), and leads Hakim to steal the jewel from Mentor. They slay some of Mentor's people and claim the Gem at last. [they should get an Elrond (and Elros?) in exchange for Idrak and Ruath, but no Elrond yet exists to go into detail about]
  • In its presence, Bellek can no longer resist the Gem at all, and he takes it and immolates himself to bond with it, as it is insisting he do. Hakim believes his last living family has committed suicide, thus deserting him, and begins to turn angry and bitter. Rather than make his peace with Mentor, as he had begged Bellek to do once, he turns from the settled area of Titan and lives apart, and vanishes from history [possibly becoming Druig, or maybe just eventually getting put in Peru when everyone else is.]
  • Thanos steals Orian's soul from the Monks. Half-mad and inexperienced as the new being he is, Bellek nonetheless takes off to rescue him. Eniki fortunately sees what Bellek is doing and follows him, and is able to reclaim Orian while Thanos is distracted with Bellek, but Thanos gets Bellek, which had been his goal all along.
  • Lucifer deposits the souls of his slain sons with Mentor, who passes them back to the Monks.
  • Thanos tries various ways of getting the Gem back away from Bellek, but is unwilling to kill him, since Bellek makes such a useful tool (he probably planned to kill him when he had the rest of the Gems, if no other way of getting the Gem loose was discovered, so that he could make his Infinity Gauntlet). Also, he hopes that having Bellek will lure in Hakim, not realizing that Hakim is the one person concerned who doesn't know Bellek's not dead. Every once in a while, Thanos has a new idea for prying the Gem loose, and tries it. Some of the methods are painful, others not. Ultimately, he concludes Bellek must give it up willingly, and turns his attention to compelling Bellek's obedience in a thing Bellek has no idea how to accomplish. Meanwhile, the obedient Bellek is one of Thanos' most infamous enforcers and killers.
  • Moondragon comes to Shao Lom and gets to know Orian and Bothers (sans two eldest) in spirit.
  • Still having no Gem out of him, Thanos decides to make the best of having an utterly broken slave with a Power Gem, and puts Bellek to work. [Somehow] he gets Bellek out of the solar system (could be having an integrated Gem helps with this) and uses him in his wider cosmic schemes until finally the Stranger tracks Bellek down and mercifully kills him. In irony Thanos might appreciate, the one time Thanos was unwilling to kill, it was the right answer, and the Gem is freed with Bellek's death.
  • Bellek is sent to the Monks where he begins a much more difficult recovery.
  • About a millennium passes, and then suddenly, Peru! Except for Orian, who [for some reason] is on Titan.

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