Power Level 8


Initiative +2

Signal Flares (Affliction 8), Signal Override (Perception Affliction 5), Smoke Grenades (Area Concealment 4), Taser +11 (Affliction 5), Unarmed +11 (Damage 2)

Parry 11, Dodge 10, Fort 3, Will 5, Toughness 5/3*

* without Defensive Roll


Acrobatics 3 (+5) Athletics 3 (+5), Close Combat: Unarmed 7 (+11), Deception 3 (+4/+9) [Focus], Expertise: Streetwise 3 (+6), Insight 0 (+2), Interview 0 (+1), Intimidation 0 (+1), Investigation 3 (+6), Perception 3 (+5), Performance 0 (+1), Persuasion 0 (+1), Stealth 0 (+2), Technology 7 (+10) [Inventor].


Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 2, Focus (False Signals), Inventor, Ranged Combat 7


Get the Signals:
Variable 1 (5 points of Senses or Communication), Move Action, Removable • 7 points
Signal Flares:

Ranged Visual Area Affliction 8 (Fort; Impaired, Disabled, Unaware), Limited to Vision, Trigger, Removable (−3) • 14 points

AE Signal Override:
Cumulative Perception Affliction 5 (Technology; Impaired, Disabled, Controlled), Affects Objects Only, Limited to equipment with communication capabilities, Reversible • 1 point
AE Smoke Grenades:
Ranged Cloud Area Concealment Attack 4 (All Vision), Trigger • 1 point
AE Taser:
Ranged Continuous Affliction 5 (Fort; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated) • 1 point


Features 1 (+2 to Active Defense when Defending), Immunity 2 (Critical Hits, Limited to ballistics) • 2 points
Electronics Toolkit
1 point
1 point
1 point

5 points of other gear

Power Points

Abilities 42 + Powers 24 + Advantages 12 + Skills 17 + Defenses 18 = Total 113 points


Motivation – Fame & Greed:
Signalman wants to be a successful criminal, both for the money and for the respect.
Disability – Addict:
Signalman is a recovering drug addict.
Signalman isn’t a big deal in the world of super-villainy, which irks him.


Phil Cobb was a small-time gangster with big ideas who couldn’t recruit any help because he had no reputation. Inspired by the Bat-signal, he embarked on a series of signal-themed crimes until being aprehended by Batman and Robin.

In prison, he met Green Arrow’s foe Bulls-Eye, and adapted the archers’ gimmick to become the Blue Bowman. He was no more successful in that identity and went back to being the Signalman. He later became a drug addict and informer for Black Lightning until Cluemaster and Firefly helped him get clean and back in business.

The Signalman is a journeyman villain, capable against the police but no match for Gotham’s guardians. His flamboyant costume makes him the butt of jokes from his fellow villains, to the extent that he’s toned it down a good bit.

Powers & Abilities

A capable fighter and talented marksman, Signalman’s real aptitude is applying his obsession with signals to crime. He’s developed a number of signal-themed weapons, sensors, and communications devices, and planned crimes exploiting traffic signals and harbor buoys.

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