Power Level 10


Initiative +2

Disorient (Perception Affliction 10), Vertigo (Area Affliction 10), Unarmed +12 (Damage 2)

Parry 9, Dodge 15/9*, Fort 5, Will 4, Toughness 5/3†

* without Hard to Look At

† without Defensive Roll


Acrobatics 2 (+4) Athletics 2 (+4), Close Combat: Unarmed 6 (+12) Deception 6 (+8), Expertise: Covert Ops 6 (+7), Insight 2 (+6), Interview 0 (+2), Intimidation 0 (+2), Perception 2 (+6), Performance 0 (+2), Performance: Command 6 (+8), Persuasion 0 (+2), Stealth 2 (+4).


Defensive Attack, Improved Disarm, Languages (English, Russian), Power Attack


Gravity Boots:
Flight 3 (8 mph), Movement 2 (Wall-Crawling 2); Removable (−2) • 8 points
Hard to Look At:
Enhanced Dodge 6, Sustained • 3 points

Cumulative 60’ Burst Area Affliction 10 (Fort; Hindered & Impaired, Defenseless & Stunned, Incapacitated), Affects Objects • 50 points

AE Disorient:
Perception Cumulative Affliction 10 (Fort; Hindered & Impaired, Defenseless & Stunned, Incapacitated) • 1 point

Power Points

Abilities 42 + Powers 62 + Advantages 4 + Skills 17 + Defenses 12 = Total 147 points


Count Vertigo’s most consistent motivation is to regain his title as ruler of Vlatava, though he’s been willing to work as a mercenary to achieve that.
Disability – Bipolar:
Vertigo suffers from bipolar disorder.
Disability & Power Loss:
Count Vertigo suffers from an inner ear disorder. Without his cochlear implants, he is Hindered and has his Agility Disabled, and loses his powers.
Enemy – Green Arrow:
Count Vertigo has consistently been thwarted by the Green Arrow, and would like revenge.


When Werner was young, his father, the ruler of Vlatava, sent him to Vancouver with his mother to be treated for his inner ear disorder. While they were abroad, his father was overthrown and killed by rebels. Werner’s mother blamed his weakness for making her be away from her husband’s side. Reduced to poverty, she turned to prostitution to survive, and Werner grew up resenting both his mother and their circumstances.

As an adult, Werner learned he could use his cochlear implants to inflict vertigo on others, and styled himself Count Vertigo. He clashed with Green Arrow on several occasions before being sent to Belle Reve and forced to join the Suicide Squad. For the first time he was treated for his bipolar disorder, and largely reformed, eventually becoming a senior member of Checkmate.

With Checkmate’s fall, though, Count Vertigo has rededicated himself to his family legacy of ruling Vlatava.

Powers & Abilities

Count Vertigo’s cochlear implants allow him to disorient anyone in range, twisting and distorting all the target’s senses. It even works on electronics; he has used his abilities to disable pressure plates and radar-guided missiles.

In addition to his powers, Count Vertigo has shown himself to be a skilled covert operative and unarmed combatant.

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