Power Level 11


Initiative +6/+4

Force Blast +10 (Ranged Damage 10), Steal Soul (Perception Affliction 11), Unarmed +14/12 (Damage 8/10).

Parry 13/11, Dodge 13/11, Fort 9/11, Will 10*, Toughness 9/11

* Impervious Will 5


Acrobatics 0 (+6/+4), Athletics 0 (+8/+10), Close Combat: Unarmed 7 (+14/12), Deception 5 (+10) [Fascinate, Focus, Taunt, Ultimate Deception], Expertise: Cosmic Lore 10 (+15), Insight 6 (+14) [Focus, Planner], Interview 0 (+5), Intimidation 0 (+5), Investigation 0 (+5), Perception 0 (+8) Performance 0 (+5), Persuasion 0 (+5), Sleight of Hand 0 (+4), Stealth 8 (+14/+12) [Breakin, Hide in Plain Sight], Technology 2 (+7), Treatment 0 (+5), Vehicles 0 (+4).


Beginner’s Luck, Benefit 1 (Breakin*), Focus (Trick), Jack of All Trades, Hide in Plain Sight, Power Attack, Redirect, Seize Initiative, Taunt, Takedown (Close)

* Use Stealth instead of Technology for Security Systems

Post-Resurrection: Fascinate (Deception), Favored Foe (Masterminds), Focus (Planner), Planner, Ultimate Deception


Cosmic Enhancement:

Enhanced Abilities (AGL +2, FGT +2) • 8 points

AE Cosmic Strength:
Enhanced Abilities (STR +2, STA +2) • 1 point
Cosmic Senses:
Senses 7 (Acute Mental; Cosmic, Dimensional, & Spiritual Awareness; Ranged Detect Souls) • 7 points
Flight 9 (Mach 1), Movement 3 (Environmental Adaptation: Zero G, Space Travel 2) • 24 points
Mental Defenses:
Impervious Will 5 (Limited to Mental effects) • 5 points
Outside Destiny:
Concealment 10 (All senses; Limited to cosmic, mental, or magical) • 10 points
Perfected Being:
Immunity 11 (Aging, Life Support), Immortality 1 (1 month) • 13 points
Soul Gem:

Comprehend Languages 3, Feature 1 (Flashlight), Feature 2 (Beginner’s Luck, Directed Insight; Limited to knowledge possessed by stolen souls) • 8 points

Soul Drain:

Perception Cumulative Incurable Affliction 11 (Will; Dazed, Stunned, Transformed to soulless husk; Side Effect (Affliction 11 (Will; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated), Always on Transformed result or failure (-2)) • 23 points

AE Force Blast:
Ranged Damage 10 (Accurate +6) • 1 point
STUNT Necromancy:
Perception Healing 7 (Distracting, Limited to Resurrection, Temporary) • 1 point

Power Points

Abilities 96 + Powers 101 + Advantages 14 + Skills 19 + Defenses 13 = Total 243 points


Motivation – Responsibility:
The Fate of the Universe hinges on Warlock. Or so he thinks.
On occasion, the Soul Gem will act on its own to steal a soul.
Warlock consistently runs afoul of Thanos and the Magus.
With Gammora and Pip the Troll.
Warlock is known as a harbinger of cosmic catastrophe and an inveterate manipulator.



The being now known as Adam Warlock was created by the scientists of the Enclave to be the pinacle of human evolution. He defied his evil creators, but his lack of life experience caused him to run afoul of Thor, who nearly beat him to death after he attacked Sif. The future Warlock retreated to his regenerative cocoon for the first time.

After his rebirth, he was recruited, and named, by the High Evolutionary to purify Counter-Earth from the influence of the Man-Beast. The Evolutionary gave him the Soul Gem that would be his weapon for years to come. He became the leader of a cult that eventually overthrew the Man-Beast, then departed for the stars.

In his travels Warlock encountered the Universal Church of Truth, whose founder and leader, the Magus, was a twisted future version of Warlock himself. With the aid of Pip the Troll, Gamora, and Thanos (who saw the Magus as a rival), Warlock used the Soul Gem to steal the soul of his own future, pre-Magus self, aborting the Magus’ creation.

Warlock and Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) joined the Avengers in thwarting Thanos’ plan to destroy all life in the universe. Minutes after Thanos’ defeat, Warlock’s past self arrived to end his life before the Magus could be created.

When Thanos attempted to assemble the Infinity Gems into the Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock projected his soul, along with Pip’s and Gamora’s, out of the Soul Gem and into new bodies. He led Earth’s champions and a coalition of cosmic beings against the mad titan, then divided the gems among the team that became the Infinity Watch. In this incarnation Warlock was a manipulative schemer (and gains several Advantages related to it).

Powers & Abilities

Warlock is of Cosmic Importance. He’s started two religions without meaning to, and is thought to be the Kree Messiah. He’s a master manipulator, having staged a battle between Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet and the Avengers just to get Thanos to raise his hand at the right moment. He’s haunted by Cosmic Catastrophes, and is fond of Dire and Portentous Pronouncements.

Down in the mortal realm, Warlock’s life cycle is powered by ambient cosmic energy; he’s superhumanly strong and durable, can fly at faster than light speeds, and, if seriously injured, spins a cocoon in which he hibernates until he can emerge restored.

For many years, Warlock was the guardian of the Soul Gem. With it, he stole the souls of many of his foes, though this tends to be a last resort since assimilating the soul leaves him disoriented. Through the interconnectedness of all souls, he was able to use it to understand any language, and he could access the memories of all the souls it contained. He also uses it to fire force blasts, and on one occasion to call the soul of a dead woman back to her body for a short time.

Warlock is very fond of using Hide in Plain Sight to disappear in the middle of a fight (usually after being hit with some powerful attack) and re-engage from surprise. He also likes the Stealth Hi/Bye.

The Soul Gem has actually stolen Adam’s own soul. If it is removed (and it’s not clear it can be except by him), he collapses into catatonia until it’s returned to him. After his return from within the Gem he overcame this.

After returning from the Soul Gem, according to Lord Chaos and Master Order Warlock was outside of destiny; he could not be perceived by magic, cosmic, or astral means.

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